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Meet Our Cows

About Our Beef

Here at Rocking J Ranch, it is our goal to provide you with the best tasting, healthiest grass-fed beef options possible. We raise cattle the way nature intended, on grass pasture in summers and on our local and self-harvested hay through the long, cold winters.  

Through our careful breeding program, strict nutritional standards and humane farming practices we intend to supply you with the best beef we possibly can. 

Our cattle are products of a carefully selected crossbreeding program intended to ensure consistent beef quality. By cross breeding for selective traits that include cold tolerance, longevity, disposition, and meat quality. At Rocking J Ranch, we are committed to providing great-tasting meat with minimal environmental impact.

We love our cows, and they know it! 

Here are just a few of the ways that we care for our cattle:

-They are tended to daily, checking their health and overall well being 

- We feed only the best grass and forage available, as well as vitamin and mineral supplements throughout the year

-During summer, they are rotated through hundreds of acres of pastures to maintain fresh grazing

- Many of our cows are halter trained, most love to get treats and even give kisses!

Our Herd​

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