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Riding Lessons

Horse riding offers numerous benefits including developing core strength, improving coordination and balance, gaining confidence and body control, as well as many other often unseen benefits. Early lessons concentrate on rider balance, co-ordination and riding aids, while our more advanced lessons focus on furthering skills in the rider's chosen discipline.


If you or your child is new to riding, Rocking J Ranch can offer a number of different options which can introduce your child to the joy of riding in a safe but fun manner.

  Your child will start to learn very quickly how to control the horse on their own and maintain balance. They will learn how to start and stop and also how to use the reins and their body to steer the horse in the desired direction. They will also learn how to balance in the saddle through fun exercises!

 Our lesson program is closely tied to our Youth Equestrian Team, with Horse Leases and Riding Lessons being offered to our Team Members first, then any remaining time offered for public riding lessons.


Riding Lesson Requirements

When coming to your first Riding Lesson, please come 10-15 minutes early to fill out paperwork and to fit you with a lesson horse to suit your needs and riding level. All Group Lessons must be arranged prior to scheduled lesson. 

Students bring to each lesson:

Long pants

Boots with a low heel and no heavy tread

Helmet (may also be provided by our facility)

A positive attitude, ready to learn

Rocking J Ranch provides for lessons:


Grooming equipment


Helmets are available upon request

The horse used for your lesson will be chosen by the ranch staff based on your skill level. 

We ask that you arrive in time for the start of your lesson.

Notify us if you are running late by calling or texting 907-399-1232.

Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Group Lesson


Per Student

1 hr session

Individual Lesson


Per Student

1 hr session

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