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                                 What we offer


We focus on helping horses and owners build trust and learn foundational ground and riding skills.  We evaluate horses, and build training programs to suit their schedules and needs. Our focus is on teaching horses to be handled and ride safely and conscientiously in order to build a foundation suitable for any future equestrian aspirations.

Riding Lessons

Horse riding offers numerous benefits. These include developing core strength, improving coordination, exercising the mind, creating time to relax, and encouraging trust. Horse riding lessons with Rocking J Ranch provide each student with instruction in correct riding technique in order to safely and enjoyably advance their skills. we offer individual lessons and can help you find a program would suit your needs.

Horse Leasing

Horse leasing is a great opportunity for riders and may be a preferred option for many. Leasing can also be a stepping stone towards ownership. Our leasing program is particularly great for riders interested in taking lessons, showing, or just improving their horse experience. All leasing plans include two lessons a month. If you are not currently taking lessons with Rocking J Ranch, an instructor will evaluate your riding skills on a simple ride and match you with the horse that is the perfect fit for your level.

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